Donate YOUR Art! PLEASE!

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My sister Megan is Director of Development at The Virgina Beach Friends School.  This year they (like many schools) are struggling to keep their art programs going and she has organized a Silent Art Auction which will be taking place on October 8th.

Since I’m sure that all of us know important ART  is to each of us, it goes without saying that keeping ART in the Schools is a necessary part of every student’s education.

Megan has run the music and drama programs (during and after school and for summer programs) and she would love to see all of these and other art programs continue.  Please consider helping with a donation for the auction.  This would be the perfect opportunity to try out a new technique or to donate something you’ve already made.  There is still lots of time <VBG> to send something to Megan. If you are a shy artist – this would be a wonderful opportunity to show your work.

All artwork will be featured on the school website

Click the picture for more information.  And remember – a donation from you can make a huge difference to this program!

Please pass this information on to your artist friends!  ALL MEDIA IS WANTED!

Thanks for your consideration and if you’re near VA Beach, come to the auction!


2 thoughts on “Donate YOUR Art! PLEASE!

  1. Thanks, I know that anything which is donated will be appreciated. I am in the process of adding an additional embellishment and will post photos later.

    Enjoy the weekend!
    😀 eirdre

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