Top half of QR quilt FINISHED

Here is the top half, this is going together nicely, although I am checking double checking and sometimes quadruple checking the layout.

2 thoughts on “Top half of QR quilt FINISHED

  1. Love this idea. I haven’ t had the time to get my code yet, but this puts it in a whole other ligh!

    • I have another quilt which I hope to post this weekend. I did find that the larger the square the harder it is to make them read in a smartphone. The quilt I haven’t posted will only read in 1 reader. So I think in the future, that I will keep with 1 to 1.5″ blocks (MAX) so that there are no problems. I really think that 1″ finished is better, and I’m actually going to remake this last quilt as it is a commission and I would like it to work more smoothly.

      Have fun with your code! Getting it is the easy part!
      😀 eirdre

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