Almost finished

If you look at this quilt it looks done… but unfortunately I should have paid attention to the fact that the light yellow was too light to read correctly.  So today I get to decide if I paint or remove the blocks which need to be darkened.  I am very happy with the way this looks, so hopefully the fix will be easy.

4 thoughts on “Almost finished

  1. Great work, Deirdre! It’s funny but this one reads perfectly on my iPhone but I can’t get the red and white one to work. These are so fun to play with. Love the QR code quilt.
    Any updates for the CT Modern Quilters Guild?
    Take care,

    • the problem with the red/white quilt is that the colors are reversed and apparently the iPhone only like traditional arrangements. These have been great fun to play with but the larger sized squares make it a little harder to get the full image to scan, unless you are really really far away (or scanning from a computer). I have 2 small quilts in the works now for baby quilts. Photos soon!

      Since the month of November has slipped out of our hands, our first meeting will be in January, I should know the date next week and then we can send out notices to all of the people who signed up.

      😀 eirdre

  2. Hi Deirdre,

    I really like your QR code quilts. I’m wondering if you ever make them to order? My daughter is due to be born next month and I reserved the URL of her name for when she grows up. In the meantime I’m planning to document her early years there for friends and family. Putting a link to the site on a quilt for her seems like a really nice touch.

    If this is something you might consider, please let me know. Any information about possible pricing would be a great help as well.


  3. Hi Deirdre, I found you through the CT MQG site. I missed the 1st meeting, but I’d love to make it to the 2nd. When is that?


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