Hello From PERU!

This was an email I received today.  Tom and I miss Morgan,  but it’s great to hear everyone is doing so well.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to her trip.  The “make a donation” link on the right is a little misleading – Morgan was only $1 short on her $2550.00 goal!

Here is a map showing her general location.  If you look at Google Earth and do a search for San Antonio, Palpa, Ica, Peru – you can get a better look at the surrounding area.

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I have to admit I was choked up reading this.

Hello from Peru!

We are all well and having a fabulous time.

The flight was uneventful and MOST everyone got a good five hours of sleep. We arrived, on time, in Lima and set out on our journey to San Antonio. Once we were 40 km out of Lima, the vista changed dramatically. The Pan American Highway hugs the Pacific Ocean coast, so as we headed south the ocean was visible to our right. It was extraordinary, because if you looked to the left, there were sand dunes reaching into the sky, as we are in a desert. Who would have thought that a desert can be so close to an ocean? And, as Bruce commented, who would have thought that we could be in a country along the Pacific Ocean, yet be in the same time zone as Connecticut.

We were welcomed to our new home with a parade of locals, including a marching band, and we were escorted through the village. Midway through the parade, we took a break, the mayor addressed us- emotionally thanking us for coming- and then the band struck up a tune and there was dancing! After the completion of the parade, we unpacked, had dinner, circle and crashed.

Yesterday (Sunday) was our first day of work. It was hot, but we are obsessed with hydration. The students are learning how to dig ditches, lay pipe, lay foundations, build walls, put on roofs, install doors and toilets, and make cement and concrete.

All of the adult advisors agree, YOUR children are amazing. We have had NO complaints. There are no cliques. Everyone (!) has talked at circle both nights, sharing feelings and insights. They are all hard workers, and hard players, which makes it a gift for us to be with them.

We have the extreme privilege of working with 10 Peace Corps volunteers. These young adults are basically between 23 and 25 years old. They are extraordinary in their commitment to service, their intelligence, and their demeanor. We have so much to learn from them, and we are thrilled your children can have this experience in getting to know them.

So, our hard work continues today – Day 2….and we begin adding in late afternoon excursions. We will write again in a couple of days.

We hope all is well with all of you….and we are a bit envious of the cold weather!

Lois, Marc, Mike, Carrie, Bruce and Charlie

Poe Tarot Cards

Red over at Traveler’s H’art is hosting another tarot deck.  This one is based on Edgar Allan Poe.  Here are the 3 cards I did – I’m pretty sure they are finished, unless they need titles added.  My cards were Justice, 4 of Pentacles and the 5 of Wands.  I did debate if I should use the Pens as wands or if they were too sword-like.  Finally I decided to use them as they worked well for this card.  I did leave off the metal pens and just went with the wooden barrels.